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'You dream of a hermitage, ' writes the Russian mystic Theophan the Recluse.' But you already have your hermitage, here and now! Sit still, and call out: 'Lord, have mercy!'


We all need a hermitage within - an inner sanctuary where our contermplative side can be cherished and nourished in silence and the prayer of the heart. Then, wherever we go, we can take our hermitage with us and bring light to others.


This evolving website presents a virtual hermitage or poustinia to honour the vision of Henri J. M. Nouwen and Brother Roger of Taize who were both deeply influenced by Orthodox spirtuality and the wisdom of the Desert.


Both contemplatives in their own unique ways, Henri and Roger were no strangers to inner struggle, uncertainty and self-doubt, so this hermitage welcomes especially those who are wrestling with personal issues of any kind or who may feel alienated from - or ambivalent about - institutional religion.


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Michael Ford (right) with the brothers at Thomas Merton's hermitage, Our Lady of Gethsemani Abbey in Kentucky, during a BBC recording of Radio 4's Sunday Worship from the United States.

'The paradox of the Christian community is that people are gathered together in voluntary displacement' (Henri Nouwen, Compassion).