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Here' s a selection of programmes I've presented on contemplation which might be of interest.

Behind the scenes of BBC Radio 4's Act of Worship


BBC World Service - Heart and Soul Documentary (click here)



The Hebrew scriptures say that the sins of the fathers will be

visited upon the children to the third and fourth generations.


For German journalist and writer Uwe von Seltmann,

this has been a lifelong painful reality.


Challenged by an unknown Jewish man at a synagogue in

Krakow in Poland, he began to research his grandfather's

Nazi past - and discovered that he had participated in one of

the greatest atrocities of the Holocaust.


This interview discovers how Uwe has dealt with the guilt and

shame handed down to him by his grandfather - and how it

happened that he fell in love with Gabi, the Polish granddaughter

of a man who was killed at Auschwitz concentration camp.

The monastic life is not dedicated to a sounding communication among men.  It lives by a soundless communication in mystery ... (Thomas Merton, Silence in Heaven).