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Michael Ford, PhD, is a Christian deacon with an ecumenical ministry of writing, teaching and spiritual guidance inspired by the life and witness of Father Henri J. M. Nouwen. He was previously a radio journalist and producer for the BBC .











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Michael Ford preaches, leads retreats and gives talks on contemporary spirituality in different parts of the world. Please get in touch with him here.

Here are some of his past engagements:


St Andrew's Monastery, Bruges, Belgium (Henri Nouwen)


Jesuit Centre, Costa Blanca, Spain (Henri Nouwen, Brother Roger of Taize,

Mychal Judge and John O’Donohue). [2]


Croydon Minster ('The Better Part')


St James', Petts Wood (Henri Nouwen)


St Peter and St Paul, Weobley (Holy Week)


Church of Our Lady of the Holy Souls, Kensal New Town (Prayer)


St Bonaventure University, New York State (Father Mychal Judge)


Paulist Press, New Jersey (Father Mychal Judge)


St Peter’s Catholic Church, Big Pine Key, Florida (Henri Nouwen)


St Benet’s Catholic Church, Abbey Wood, UK

(Thomas Merton and Henri Nouwen)


St Beuno's Ignatian Spirituality Centre, North Wales

(Henri Nouwen and Mychal Judge) [4]


St Edmund King, London

(Henri Nouwen; Launch of Henri Nouwen Society, UK)


St John Fisher, Shepperton (Henri Nouwen)


St Andrew’s Church, Taunton (Henri Nouwen) [2]


Diocese of Bath & Wells (Henri Nouwen)


St James’, Haydock

(Henri Nouwen and Brother Roger of Taize) [2]


Curzon Park Monastery, Chester

(Henri Nouwen; A Retreat for Autumn) [2]


Sisters of Charity, Preston, UK  (Henri Nouwen)


University of Lincoln UK (The Ethics of Journalism) [2]


Institute of Communication Ethics, London

(The Ethics of Journalism)


Liverpool Hope University (Henri Nouwen, Mychal Judge and Reporting Religion)  [3]

Christian Media Trust, Wexford, Ireland

(The Spirituality of Communication) [2]




Michael Ford's Watershed was used for the Lent discussion groups at

St Margaret of Antioch Church, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, UK, as former curate Father Lee Taylor recalls:


One of our Lent courses was given the name 'Imaging our Faith'. It was an exploration into the various biblical images that have inspired Christian

spirituality down the ages.


On the session 'the wilderness' we explored together the idea of the

wilderness, not just as a place, but as an evocative symbol, a spiritual

wasteland, what it felt like to be stuck, and to have given up hope.

The wilderness is very much part of our spiritual experience as we

journey together towards eternity. It can be seen as a passageway rather

than a destination.


For this session I read to the group a selection of life-changing stories

that are recorded in Michael Ford's book - the 'watershed' moments that

turned lives around after a period of doubt and despair in the wilderness.  


One member of our group commented, 'The excerpts we listened to

meant so much and were quite remarkable'


The book was an excellent companion on our Lenten journey. Many in the

group were deeply touched by, and could relate to, the situations of each

person interviewed.   (Fr Lee is now associate vicar of Croydon Minster)

' A word that bears fruit is a word that emerges from the silence and returns to it‘ (Henri Nouwen, The Way of the Heart).